Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Short Hair Style

Having short hair doesn't necessarily mean the same boring style day in and day out, your short hair is as malleable as the mousse you use! To keep your short hair spunky cut the fringe shorter than you're used to.
Shaven pieces of your head add a unique and trendy look to any kind of hairstyle. Do not hesitate to try something new.
Feeling like your short locks are lacking some love? Show them you care by dressing them up with cute accessories like bandanas and cute hair clips. this can create many different feels to the same hairdo without having to go to the hairdressers.


From a working girl to a wild child, this hair-do leads a perfect double life. With sleek sides and super coiffed bangs, this style looks great messed up too.


Whether you are going for an edgy angle or sleek and styled there is a kind of hair cut out there for you. Push your boundaries, you will never know if the real you is lurking just a snip away.

Have fun this fall with some of these inspirational cuts, summer fun may be over but the fall mischief has just begun.

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