Sunday, November 13, 2011

Styles for Men 2012

It’s time to spice things up and reignite those sparks in your hair. This coming year there are a few men’s styles that are making the circuit, and all of them are clean, sexy and easy to manage, but hot as hell.

First up on our list of hot new men’s hairstyles for 2012 is a “Mad Man” inspired look. Slicked back and clean, this hairdo is a throwback to the 1950-1960’s. It has a very gentlemanly feel to it with an air of mischief and fun around it. Not only is this hairstyle a complete lady killer but it is easy to manage and clean. And lets be honest here, who has never dreamt of brushing a comb through slicked back hair like James Dean or Darrel Curtis from “The Outsiders”?

This next style always makes me drool just a bit... The British rocker look. Imagine Ian Curtis from Joy Division, with a little more shag. The messy, relaxed look is perfect for any man’s face. Cut a little shorter on the sides with a nice messy fringe falling down over the forehead, and layers scattered throughout the style, this ‘do is just plain sexy and looks good whether you want to keep it groomed or rock the bed-head look. Just please promise to go to the professionals to get this cut, because all though it looks simple to recreate in your bathroom, believe me, it’s not. Also they can suggest the right products to get the exact look you want.

A stylized version of the mohawk is coming back into style. To properly pull off this style, you actually need to shave down the sides of your head. Not completely down to the skin, but enough. The actual mohawk part should be within a reasonable size. We’re not saying that 3-feet tall mohawks aren’t cool to walk around with, but it’s not really something that you can show up with out of the blue one day. Talk to your stylist about how long your mohawk should be. this style is great because if there are any days that you don’t want to do it up you and leave it down and brush it to one side and it will still look awesome.

There are 3 inspirational styles for men for 2012. Make them your own and get out there and rock it! Own your hair. Just like 2012, this is a year for change and new opportunities and why not start by changing your hair?

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