Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emo HairStyle

The scene hairstyles are beautiful? Do you love these scene hair?
Don't trust your hairdresser? Or just want to create what's on your head simply your way? Whatever the reason, there is one solution: Cutting your own Hair! Scary? No, if you know how to start, and prepare all the ingredients. Things you'll need:
  • good quality sharp and light scissors
  • razor
  • large wall mirror
  • another one smaller to see the back of your head
  • protective towel to cover your arms
First, get some good quality scissors, sharp, light and sitting comfy in your hands - you don't need to buy professional pair, try to find one in the kitchen / writing desk. You'll also need some protective towel on your arms - to cover your clothing from the hair falling down while cutting. Now, the most crucial part - locate the wall mirror (ideally in the bathroom). Stand in front of it, and try to install small mirror somewhere behind you - on the window seal / cupboard, to see the reflection of back of your head, when standing in the front of wall mirror. Now, you are ready for action, baby!

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