Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Hairstyle Trends – The Braid

Though sleek is chic and will never go out of style, one look you may want to try and perfect this 2011 if your hair is long enough is braids. And if your hair isn’t long enough yet, considering hair extensions may be in your beauty repertoire when you find out how hot this 2011 hairstyle trend really is. Braids have quickly become one of the hottest and sexiest looks making the braided hairstyle trend one of the hottest hair trends in 2010, and this trend is going to be even hotter this 2011. Whether it is a no muss no fuss beachy braid you swing down your side, or a sleek braid you pin back for a sexy night out, you can’t go wrong when you have braids on your side this year. What braided look do you want to carry this year? We’ll show you how!

Hairstyle trends may come and go but there are some looks that just never stop being sexy. Braided hair first made its comeback with Lauren Conrad Hairstyles on The Hills. Whether she had a soft braid tucked behind her ears with her gorgeous blonde waves hanging loose, or whether she plaited it all back for one sleek look, she became a trend setter in her own right no matter what look she had. Braids were also continued on the Spring 2010 runways, making them one of the hottest looks for 2010. For 2011, the braid continued on the catwalk with the hottest designers from Prada to Alexander Wang. And while we know that braids are sexy in their own right, how do you make them 2011 hot?

The two most common braided looks for 2011 hairstyle trends are a long side braid and a fishtail braid. Both of these looks walked down the Missoni Spring 2010 catwalk, and are predicted to appear on the 2011 Fall catwalks as well. The side braid is a Rapunzel style braid that for day is neither sleek nor clean, and is a somewhat messy braid that looks sexy without being too overstyled.

To get the side braid, you want to start with a side part on second day hair. The braid you create will be plaited then on the opposite side of your hair. The bohemian look is what makes this look sexy for day. After you have parted your hair, braid your hair down the opposite side, and secure with an elastic. Not mussy enough? Don’t be afraid to pull out a few strands from sections already braided, gentle is the key here. When you pull out pieces to muss up a look, be soft on the hand to create just enough muss, without looking like you just woke up. You can take this look to night just as sexy, but sleek is the look you want if you are taking a braid into the evening. On washed hair, make the side part and braid when your hair is wet. Finish with hairspray and you will have a gorgeous sexy look that will stay put all night.

The fish tail braid is a look that you can create just as easily as the side braid. Again, make a side part on dry or second day hair. Start braiding on the opposite side of your hair again, but with only two strands instead of three. Cross each strand over the other, like you would with a standard braid, but as you cross each section over, grab a tiny piece from the second strand and pull it all together. Again, you can muss this up a bit when you are finished, or complete this braid on washed and undried hair for a sleek and sexy night time do.

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