Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Tease Your Hair and Make it Last

Everyone loves big hair, but don't you spending time creating that "perfect bump" and then within hours your hair is flat? There are some tricks that can make that bump stay in place. Here are the 4 tools that you will need to produce fabulously full style!
  1. Teasing Comb 
  2. Hair Pick
  3. Strong Hold Hairspray
  4. Mirror
Starting approximately 2 inches back from your forehead, pick up a horseshoe shaped section of hair (your section will be thinner both sides and thicker in the center, thus creating a "horseshoe"). Next comb that section straight up and mist with your strong hairspray. Now take your teasing comb and start an up and down, side to side motion. Be sure to begin teasing a couple of inches from the scalp and don't think that you will get it too big. You can always tame it down, and is there really any such thing as too big anyway?

When you have successfully teased that section, spray it once more and throw it forward. Allowing each section to dry the opposite direction of how it will lay when finished will reinforce the strength. Pick up a second section slightly larger than the last and repeat those steps. Usually a total of 3 sections is enough to give you some mega volume.

Finally starting with the last section flip each section back over and use your pick to gently smooth out any tangled pieces. Double check the back of your head in the mirror to ensure there are no "holes". When you are satisfied with the finished product, spray one last time.

This technique will create a lot of volume on the crown and will gradually lessen on the sides to avoid the cone head look. You will be ready to enjoy your big hair all day and all night!

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