Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Hairstyles for Summer 2011

With summer being one of the most fashionable seasons around, it's no surprise that we are tempted to change our hair a lil' more frequently. From short fades to long hair extensions the options are endless. As black women we have a lil' more flexibility with adding lengths and textures to our hair with extensions. So go ahead take the risk if you've always dreamt of having curls like Beyonce or length like Ciara or colour like Rihanna this summer is the time!

If you’re looking for a style that requires minimal hair care but maximum gutsy woman facture, this is the style for you. Ms Amber Rose has made it so that woman all over can feel liberated by their hair. Go ahead take the plunge and add a lil colour too!

I love the texture in Queen B's hair that she has been spotted in lately. A great look for hot summer days since it doesn't involve any heat products. Just wake up and go. Also great for those of you that enjoy water sports in the summer. 

Pixie cuts have always been Monica's thing, and let's just say she's mastered this look. This is a great cut for the summer weather and for those that aren't ready to take the full plunge a la Amber Rose.

Keri Hilson has always kept it moving with her hair. One day she's rocking an asymmetrical cut and the next gentle waves. She keeps this look edgy by having a hair colour that screams summer fun!

Normally Nicki Minaj is all about colour, but recently she's been spotted around town rocking her signature black bob. This style is such a classic hairdo and easy to maintain it would definitely be a style I would recommend to those of you that need some simplicity and edge all in one.

Known for her long dark hairstyles, Ciara has decided to switch it up by adding warm colour all over her hair. When experimenting with length like Ciara you'll need to be ready for the maintenance that comes along with it. A great flat iron would be very necessary with a style like this.

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