Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Hairstyles Summer 2011

With summer 2011 here long hairstyles are definitely the most popular this season. Everyone from Rihanna to Natalie Portman have taken the time to grow out the short do’s and opt for long tresses. From Curly like Beyonce or sleek and straight like Jennifer Aniston this summer is about options. We see celebrities like Katy Perry with party coloured streaks in her hair or celebrities like Nicki Minaj rocking full coloured wigs. With options like this it’s no surprise women all over are either growing out their hair or buying some for that extra length!
While Beyonce is known for switching up her hairstyles quite often this new curly do seems to be here to stay for the summer! Sticking to her signature blonde hair colour this hairstyle will definitely have the girls around the world following her lead.
Our modern day Hollywood starlet Blake Lively has brought that old Hollywood glam back to the red carpet. With her signature effortless waves full of volume she is the definition of great blow dryer! This look may need a hairdresser to achieve but will well worth it once you see the results.
Cassie has everyone wanting to shave one side of their heads. While this look is not for everyone Cassie has managed to show us how to wear this style from the red carpet to everyday relax hairstyle. So if you’re feeling daring try this style and you’ll be sure to have everyone copying your look or at least wishing they could:

The braid has officially been replaced by its sister the fishtail. Seen on everyone this summer has brought on another trend that I’m sure we’ll be seeing season after season! 

Age has only made Gwen Stefani even more radiant than ever, bringing sophistication and confidence to her look. She’s pictured here in an elegant hairstyle that lets her face glow. Perfect for summer events and outings so that you don’t have to worry about your hair sweating onto your face.
Since pushing the limits seems to be the rule to live by this summer, singer Katy Perry decided to play with some fun colors in her hair. As most people tend to stick to natural shades she has decided to add some personality to her hair with pinks, blues and purples. If you’re not ready to make the permanent change have fun with clip on colored hair extensions. Everyday can be a new colour with a new attitude!

Keeping your hair this straight in the summer may not be easy if your hair isn’t naturally straight. But with all the right tools it is a look that can be achieved for those not so humid days. As seen on Rihanna with a side part and a bold hair colour the look is a definite winner.
Stars like Megan Fox have mastered this beach look. Simple, sexy and tousled, this hairstyle can take you from day to night.

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