Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer 2011 Celebrity Hair

Seeing that summer is the hottest season for celebrity parties, events and award shows, it's no surprise that so much is put into drastic hair colour and hair cut changes. Everything from cute bobs, to bouncy wavesthe summer keeps us guessing what celebrities is going to rock what styles next. So let's take a look at some of the hairstyles that have been spotted around town this summer!

This girl next door always looks so effortless in her style. From the red carpet to the streets Gabrielle Union manages to radiate and exude that Hollywood confidence. 

Christina Aguilera was once known for her wild hairstyles and outfits. But this young woman has cleaned up her act and is now known for her timeless hairstyles and red carpet appearances. Now rocking a classic bob, Christina could do no harm in my eyes.
Someone that has mastered the art of wearing short hair is definitely Emma Watson. She has reminded us that with short hair cuts, like her pixie cut, that the options are still endless!

Rosie Huntington is fairly new to the red carpet season, but has already mastered that Hollywood glam look. With her impeccable waves pushed to one side it really gives her that old Hollywood feeling. 

Another celebrity that makes short hair seem so effortless is Halle Berry. Her signature pixie has been duplicated so many times it would be impossible to keep track. A perfect haircut for the summer that will have your features standing out.

The most drastic change of them all...from long dark brown locks to a short blonde do. Katherine McPhee sure knows how to change it up. Known for her Hollywood waves Katherine has decided to see if blondes really do have more fun!

With hypnotising eyes like Kate Bosworth, its no need to doing anything too outrageous with your hair. With the simplicity of her bob she still has a range of different styles that she is able to switch it up, for any event!

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